Thursday, 14 January 2021

New tricks.

 I've been out the building game for a few years now and it's time to take up my tools again as circumstances and boredom dictate. I've used the enforced isolation here to start making decisions both large and small about the new project we are embarking on in Feb. One thing I will not be doing is making the large investment into the government recommended (mandated?) use of air or ground source heating. No matter how much they push this over complicated expensive crap I will have nothing to do with it unless forced. I have experience with these systems and they both are much better in theory than practise. If we had access to gas then that would be first on my list but we do not so oil it is....there is something comforting about having 6 or more months of oil on hand!


New Hampshire Wineman said...

Government mandates are making millions homeless in this country; when I was growing up there were occasional hobos and poor people of the Appalachian, but now it has become a Third world; the policies that have fashioned this mess will now be doubled-downed on.
There's no cure for stupid.

Scrobs. said...

That's one sizeable loop, Thud!

I didn't realise that so much heat could come froma depth such as that - I'm impressed!

Unknown said...

Scrobs, in theory both systems are fantastic but the cost and complexity soon eat into any advantages.

Scrobs. said...

I guess you're right, Unk, but at my age (73), I cannot commit more moeney to isues like this, it isn't fair on Senora O'Blene to even think that, as we're spending the kid's inheritance!

I'm always up for innovation though; the new smartmeter we have installed is saving us loads of dosh, and maybe even more next year, simply because we actually know what is going on with the juice from EDF, and not getting some vague idea from our previous supplier.

These fixed costs need looking at regularly - e;ectricity being the main one, because I can control that now.

I think I might have done what Thud has done twenty years ago, but it's not worth the job now!

Unknown said...

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