Saturday, 22 May 2021

Moan moan moan

 Who doesn't have grief with their family at some point in life? mind you most of us don't have access to the all devouring Oprah, please shut up you dim little ponce, I mean Prince.


Scrobs. said...

Ha ha ha!

Minor walk-on part-time 'actress' meets nondescript minor member of a royal family.

Yawns all round

E-K said...

She'll ditch him for a basketball player, politician or fellow actor soon enough. Then he'll have blown everything.

I think we're watching our first Royal suicide in the making, I'm afraid. The British tabloids will be blamed for all of it.

E-K said...

I utterly despair, Thud.

I refuse to wear a mask now.

Anonymous said...

She may, in the past, have been a little black yet spends her resources on straitening her hair and whitening herself, yet retains the grudge it is everyones fault but hers where conflict arises and suddenly becomes black again