Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Brussels sprouts another brain fart!

I did not vote for these faceless people in Brussels and I do not know anybody who did.Yet I'm to pay for this latest bout of insanity to solve a problem I do not believe in. Nuclear power may one day take up the slack in Britain's ageing power system and coupled with hydrogen generation may even set us free from the whims of various third world despots.Until then however why should we be punished?..because we industrialised and advanced faster than China and India?....Why should we be punished for the sins of a communist dictatorship and a country that treats its dalits worse than the human waste they shovel? I have no idea if Boy Cameron is going to take us out of europe..but somebody has to do it,before we achieve third world status ourselves.


DirtCrashr said...

The last time we had a little "upset" it was about taxation without representation - the burghers and gnomes of Bureaucratixxles are about due, IMO.
Get out of Europe now, they're a bunch of web-spinning spiders.

earl roby said...

It wont surprise you to know that the auditors have refused to sign off the Brussels Sprouts Acccounts,because they just couldn't.Sets the standard for us all then don't it.Just make up your annual returns and expect them to be approved.