Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Home sweet home.

I've been in California for a month now and have only now started to achieve some sort of routine in daily life.I never stop being amazed and delighted at life here even on days with no real purpose to them.I do start feeling a little homesick for the U.K. about now usually.I'm not sure what triggers the feeling..perhaps just some insecurity in me as I face a future with so many unknowns.Today however this feeling was easily countered..a quick tour around English blogs and news sites soon had me counting my blessings.The U.K. seems to be undergoing a slow motion cultural suicide...what the hell is going on? I continue with my plans to leave...or should I stay in U.K. and do what little I can to help the country remain the fantastic place in which I was born? I feel a nagging guilt when I look around and compare life in U.K. with here...its so mean and shabby...what happened? I know we still have many institutions and people that are world class..but mediocre sneaks and self loathing nulabour traitors seem to be diminishing their stature every day.Oh well!...perhaps a drive up to Napa today will give me time to think about where I is a great drive!

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