Friday, 11 January 2008

vino collapso!

Apparently American wine makers are going to reduce the alcohol content of their wine as many people are finding it over powering.European wine is more acceptable with food it seems due to it being not so robust.I enjoy Napa wines immensely but I have thought for a while that perhaps the quest for big fruit in the wine is wiping out the subtler flavours one finds in some french and Italian I,m off to Napa today I,ll ask my wine making sister vinogirl what her take on this is.

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monkey said...

I do hope that is not true, I love California wine because I find it just the right strength to sit and drink during my week night and it dose not give me the bad head in the morning (which is a bonus for the kids, mr wilson is not nice with a bad head) I have always found the European wines to do that.