Monday, 21 January 2008

The wicked wind.

It seems that our masters in Brussels have decided that England must increase its recyclable energy in next few years by a huge amount.Something that seems to present the spineless pols in London with no problems at all.Perhaps obliterating what is left of our countryside with useless industrial wind installations(Windy Miller would not last a minute around one of these beasts...besides...elf and safety would have seen him off long ago) fulfills the scarcely hidden class warfare inner beast of nulabour.After all...those backward country people don't vote nulabour and need teaching a lesson/reeducating anyway.Nulabour has in one decade destroyed life in our cities and now is embarking on its latest five year plan...and like boxer(I will work harder) Everybody will suffer for the good of the few....the few who fly in private jets to climate conferences...for the good of us all you just have to love them!

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