Wednesday, 20 February 2008


  1. Where there is dark there will be light.

  2. Where there is despair there will be hope.

  3. Where there is hate there will be love.

  4. Where there is war there will be peace.

  5. Where there is chalk there will be cheese.

  6. Where there is chicken there will be gravy.

  7. Where there is water there will be wine.
  8. Where there is a camera there will be a soundbite
  9. Where there is obama there will be another vacuous,bullshitting,self serving Politician.
  10. Its easy when you get the hang of it!

1 comment:

DirtCrashr said...

Interesting video (several actually) of him on YouTube, where repeatedly somebody in the audience faints and he calls for a glass of water for the poor soul - and does it again, and again, and again at repeated stops, over and over. He's a rainmaker.