Thursday, 14 February 2008

Polish cowboys.

For the last few years I have been told and repeatedly read that the arrival of Polish builders and plumbers etc has revolutionised building in England.Besides being cheaper the story goes that unlike the lazy tea drinking Brit they will turn in early,work hard and finish a job on time showing skills lost to the local builder.Whilst working on the Victorian house with roof problems I was able to observe some of the super Poles at work...quite dour individuals but they seemed pleasant enough and certainly seemed to work.I looked today at the windows they had put in side of the house next to mine.On the picture above one can see the collapsing brick work and the broken lintels obstacle apparently to super Pole! Just chuck in a couple of pieces of mild flat steel...trim with plastic to cover bodge...and Stanislaus is your uncle. I feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that its not just Brits and George Bush who deserve the accolade of cowboys.


monkey said...

that truly is the best bodge job i have ever seen. you see a brit builder would have noticed all the frame hanging off while sitting drinking his fourth cup of tea and completing the crossword, he then would have got a couple of more days work out of it.
money to be made fixing the bodge jobs.
ill get me trowl.

Gallimaufry said...

That photo is a gem. The downpipe in the rainwater head next to the soilpipe with the mortar spattered shallow-angled tributary pipe, the loose bit of TV aerial (did a pipe go beneneath it once?), the brickwork in general.... and still that house rose in value as if by magic - wonderful!