Monday, 11 February 2008

Rotten luck

Finally finished off stripping turret roof on a late Victorian house today whilst taking advantage of rather good weather. Unfortunately the dreaded rot had taken hold and nasty surprises lurked in every piece of the it all has to be rebuilt.Just for once I'd like a simple repair..mind you not bad I suppose after being exposed to Liverpools maritime winters for over 120 years.I,ve only been through 40 odd of these winters and I'm ready to fly south at a moments notice! The housing market seems to be throwing up some surprises too...I have had offers on four houses this contrast to offers on two houses in previous year.Do these people know something I don't?....if so...tell me.I don't think that interest rate drop has been big enough yet to account for this and I doubt Liverpools capital of culture status has contributed much.ha!....oh well time to take the money and run.

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DirtCrashr said...

That upstairs turret looks like a good place to gain the rooftops while holding the high-ground... Nice brick walls are harder to burn too. Good work Cap'n!