Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Time to face the final curtain

I don't usually take much notice of the British media and their periodic politician hunts, as it always seems to make no difference to the whole sham that our system has devolved into.The Michael Martin furore at the moment however seems different....it has the feeling of something final about it.This man is in a nutshell all that is rotten about nulabour,self serving,bitter,biased and divisive...characteristics that don't usually make for an impartial speaker. The arrogance and the greed that permeates nulabour today,coupled with the idiocy of the third raters that make up Gordo's first team is pitiable to behold.They make the last days of Major's administration look like a golden age.The stench of decay is so strong about Gordo and his band of incompetent thieves that the end can't be far off..I just wonder when we will put them out of their misery?

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Jimmy Lee Shreeve said...

I wholly agree with you about the Martin case heralding the last days of the slug (Gordon Brown).

It was actually my twelve-year-old daughter who dubbed Gordy the "slug". It was after she first saw his pic on the front page of a newspaper.

Maybe the Tories could borrow the image and put up posters everywhere depicting the lumbering, ego-centric slug crawling away into oblivion...