Wednesday, 26 March 2008

chill out.

Here we go again...more bollocks! melts...yes folks I'll say that melts...if it didn't we would be covered in the stuff (sounds familiar). There is no denying that a pic of ice melting and collapsing is pretty powerful stuff...compared to water freezing...not much happening there for the media.This multi faceted attack upon our way of life from the eco nazis and their allies on the left has with the rise of islamism put the freedoms we take for granted at grave peril.The crisis that we face is accelerating daily and comes in the shape of numerous articles proclaiming imminent climactic doom coupled with the physical threats of a nuclearising islam.....the life renewing power of spring is now upon us...we need a renewal in our desire to maintain our freedoms from those who would do us harm...I think I need a drink!...with ice.

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phlegmfatale said...

Well said.
Frankly, I have crisis fatigue. We can not constantly be on the brink of collapse, else we would have already. The stress of it all is tremendous.

By the way, the person is Bryant Gumble who is a massive news personality. Arrogant git, too.