Friday, 7 March 2008

Elephant in the room

I listened to a report on BBc radio 4 this afternoon about the wearing of military uniform story that is doing the rounds at the moment.The Beeb reporter reluctantly asked the editor of the Peterborough local paper if any sector of society was to blame for the abuse of our servicemen.The result was truly one convoluted high speed,nonstop sentence the editor managed to answer without mentioning the rather obvious elephant in the room.I must admit...the answer was a work of genius and he deserves the nulabour,p.c multicultural diversity award of the month......listen you cowardly spineless lying git...we all know who is too blame......its mo's death cult and the happy band of head choppers...who else you idiot?


DirtCrashr said...

We must, somewhere in a laboratory with smart folks, invent a disease that is transmitted only between such as that, using their trademark high-speed gibberish and buzzword blathering -- one that makes their tongues blacken and fall out and their face swell-up like a baboon so everybody will know them and their lying deceitful scummy weevil-brained spinelessness, and avoid them as they jibber in the gutter and die. That would be fun, eh?

monkey said...

i have a friend who comes from peterborough and has often said that a large majority of the population are muzzers.
so when i hear this report the other day it was blatantly obvious who would be throwing abuse at our servicemen.
this country really needs to get a grip.