Friday, 21 March 2008

Highways and byways.

Twice a week I drive a few miles to my preferred supermarket and after shopping with Mrs and Princess OTW I have a Starbucks (for all its faults one of England's only drinkable coffee's) and then head back along the main road home. On the journey I often pass the above pictured road and occasionally stop for a brisk stroll. The church was the church of the Ismay family of Titanic fame and is pretty much still as it has always been. I always laugh when the various lefties and anti globalists protest at the colonisation and destruction of local cultures by such terrible capitalist giants as Starbucks.Here I can stand minutes from the evil coffee mongers amidst untouched English countryside and be as English as ever.It must be a poor culture that can be threatened by a cup of overpriced England and my Englishness is doing fine despite the nonexistent Starbucks threat and despite nulabour and its fellow traitors best efforts.


Anonymous said...

are you over the water in Wallasey then?

phlegmfatale said...

Rather than by Starbucks, the Englishness is more threatened by native Brits such as those in the following post. What a gorgeous place - thanks for sharing the photo!