Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Its off to work we go.

When in California I sometimes go into my local town of a week day to shop or have coffee...lazy I know, but I am sort of on holiday. It doesn't take long for a Brit to notice something glaringly different than at home over the water (besides lack of dirt and drunks).There are hardly any men of working age visible...the town seems to be populated by oldies and yummy mummies! In England a trip to a builders yard will have me cursing in disgust at the countless numbers of working age males just bumming around....yet we are told by nulabour we need to import thousands of foreign workers.I work in the construction industry,an industry that always needs workers,yet there are never enough local workers and so foreigners fill the gap.The culture of benefit dependency is now so ingrained in the U.K. that I doubt it will ever be removed.America has a culture of working hard to achieve a decent lifestyle and needs to be careful that the ethic behind that edifying culture is not destroyed by creeping socialism.


phlegmfatale said...

I'm often horrified by the prospect of creeping socialism. Brilliantly stated, thud.

monkey said...

these kids dont just look busy, they are busy just ask them for e's and weed and im pretty sure they would look productive.

also they haven't come up with a legal job where you can dress like that yet.