Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Red faced Ken

The news today is full of happenings over the water in America..Shrillary has made another last minute comeback so the democratic meltdown will now commence.Plenty of meat there for future posts but for today I was more drawn to the destruction of Ken livingstones London empire.This is a man who has blighted the political life of England for a generation..where to start? would be difficult to find a more loathsome example of England hating,class warfare promoting garbage in our history.He has consistently attacked and tried to destroy everything that made this country such a great place to live in...if you worked hard and loved family,justice and freedom...Ken was your enemy.You would be hard pressed to find an organisation that was dedicated to the overthrow our customs and institutions that ken didn't back.Now finally it seems the public and the media is finally getting wise to his corrupt regime and the end may be nigh.The only problem is his ability to buy his way out of trouble with his knack of identifying groups of potentialy disgruntled voters he can bribe into buying into his nascent third world on it seems the party may be over as he is no longer the darling of the left..after all...we wouldn't want the public to believe our nulabour politicians are corrupt...would we?

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