Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Baby you can drive my car.

I have started counting down the days for my return in summer to my home in California and considering the miserable spring here in England it can't come too soon. One of the things I most look forward to is the amount of pleasurable trouble free driving I am able to do. English readers will understand me when I say that driving without the fear of omnipresent radar traps and gatso cameras is a holiday in itself...whilst American readers may not understand the level of persecution drivers suffer in England unless they read this. The central govt and local bodies in England by combining the fear of road deaths with eco nonsense have managed to turn drivers into cash cows with not much apparent protest by the victimised motorists. What the govt don't seem to realise is that by criminalising a large proportion of the otherwise law abiding public they are creating a huge amount of resentment amongst people upon who the legitimacy of law and order relies.When people who obey the law in all other walks of life are penalised for minor traffic offences whilst they see blatant unpunished lawbreaking all around them, they start to wonder why bother?....and who can blame them? I will spend the next few weeks happily looking over maps and planning for a few road trips during my next sojourn in Ca...trips unsullied by hectoring road signs every hundred yards and radar operated cameras hiding behind every tree on otherwise empty roads....driving heaven indeed.

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