Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Fire sale

It seems that the three contenders for Mayor of London are all setting out their stalls in the elect me political fire sale.The offer to amnesty illegal immigrants in London is for them a no doubt great political vote scorer given the makeup of London's population...but what about the rest of us? As much as I may not want it to be...London is in Britain....which means the illegals are a problem that belong to all of us. So listen red Ken,fatty Boris and the other liberal bloke..promise to clean the streets,encourage employment,enforce the other words,do what a Mayor does and leave important national decisions to the idiots we elect to Parliament. The world nowadays seems to be full of second tier politicians and so called pressure groups that seem to have taken it upon themselves to pronounce on issues beyond their purview.The claim that it is democracy in action is rather ingenuous, as although flawed we have structures that enable us to voice our opinions on all subjects...too much democracy in these cases tends to mean no democracy at all...something leftist and islamist groups capitalise and thrive on the detriment of us all

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