Friday, 25 April 2008

Jack Frost.

Vinogirl wrote to tell me that Napa and surrounding areas have been on the receiving end of some severe frosts this last week.Frost this late in spring is rather bad for the new growth on the vines and may cause hardship for some badly affected growers. This just seems to be another manifestation of global warming...or rather its non appearance.Truthfuly...unlike the eco nazis I understand that this is just happens and always has. The eco nuts have finally figured out that more people are slowly beginning to question the new religion of global warming and so are starting to relabel the supposed danger facing us as....'climate change'...genius!...if it rains,snows or it's sunny...then it's climate change and our fault! I have to admit,it truly is a stroke of genius on their behalf....anything happens and it's our fault and we must repent and drive ourselves back into the stone age...once again idiots...its weather!

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Vinogirl said...

Actually this ice is a good thing. Means the vineyard, you pictured, has an overhead frost protection system, (latent heat of fusion, blah, blah, blah!)