Thursday, 3 April 2008

Reagan 08

I have been watching with great interest the ongoing democratic civil war the last few weeks but have refrained from commenting here over the water, as the daily round of recriminations changed so fast it was hard to say something that did not rapidly become outdated. McCain at the moment doesn't seem to have to do much more than shore up his Republican base and seem contrast to the Barry O versus Hillary dogfight. I have been reading this book lately and have been struck by the vast difference between a truly presidential figure and the pygmies squabbling over the post now. I grew up in a country that hated Reagan and its only recently with the unmasking of the inherently evil liberal bias in the media that I have realised how truly maligned President Reagan was.On a simple almost joke level it seems every Republican president is an idiot whilst every democratic president is reported in hushed adulatory tones...strange that hey? I wish I could have the chance one day perhaps to live in a country with a leader with his commitment to freedom....somehow with gordo and nulabour I think I,ll be waiting rather awhile yet as the E.U. is not going to release its increasingly totalitarian grip from England any time soon.


DirtCrashr said...

I grew up believing the same maligned and bad intentioned Bolshevism and it really bugs me now how much crap I had literally stuffed in my head - weeds and mud and bizzaro psychologistics and sophistry... Sad. I'm glad I'm away from it but every now and then a bit of crud floats up and distorts the picture, and I'm just glad I can see again wipe it away. It's like having new glasses.

phlegmfatale said...

There was something so heartening and uplifting about the good-natured optimism of Reagan and his refusal to sling mud. He was golden. I'm proud that I was old enough to vote for him on his second term.

beakerkin said...

A bit of context for those across the

Reagan benefited from the excesses of the far left. Despite what the media claims Vietnam war protestors were loathed. I remember as a preschool kid a flea ridden hippie jerk stealing my American flag at a parade.

On my first trip to NYC as a child I remember the same types burning the flag and spitting at soldiers.
Some construction workers were so outraged they started a brawl with the protestors to the cheers of the crowd.

Jimmy Carter was a fool and he led this country into a debacle at home. High unemployment accompanied
by inflation led to the creation of
a new term the "misery index".

Abroad Islamic/Communist goons toppled the Shah and held our citizens hostage.Later Khomeni ditched his communist allies with extreeme predjudice. Carter cut the legs out of Samoza regime and saw it topled by hardcore communists and El Salvador looked gone. The detente of Carters dreams was shattered when the USSR invaded Afghanistan.

Into this mess came Reagan with a can do attitude. Americans should be proud of their country and we can fix the Carter economy. The administration was hampered by fake scandals notably Iran-Contra that was almost entirely about the latter. Congressional Democrats led by idiot Tip Oniel at the behest of
a rouge Catholic disorder (Maryknolls) illegally cut off aid to the contras via the Boland amendment.

Reagan was revolutionary in that he used the same tactics communist used to topple Communists. He bled the Soviet Union to death and even today Commies still hate the sound of his voice.

However when one walks in a Polish, Cuban or Russian enclave in NYC the
mere mention of his name brings joy
to those who know better

sonia said...

Only recently with the unmasking of the inherently evil liberal bias in the media that I have realised how truly maligned President Reagan was.

He was maligned, but he despised leftists so much, this malignement never bothered him in the least. In that sense, Dubya is very much like Reagan. Let's hope McCain will have an equally firm spine. He will need it.

Nice blog, btw. I will link to it.