Wednesday, 2 April 2008


I suppose I should be happy that in this case some action is being taken,even if rather too little too late. Coming from a family in which I grew up surrounded by strong women I have always been horrified but not shocked by the lefts and society in generals silence on women and islam.Is the hatred of the west that the left feels even stronger than the once trendy desire for gender equality?...or is it just fear? The left accused the west for years of being a fascist monolith and other such nonsense...but now when faced with real evil that really intends to kill and enslave they are silent.. liberals led women up a blind alley and left them at the mercy of the real enemy....and it will be conservatives/republicans both male and female that save the day.


Quiet_Man said...

With the Left, it's always about bringing down society and creating a socialist model to replace it. This inevitably involves a great deal of bandwagon jumping as well as a great deal of mental convolutions in order to "justify" their stance alongside any movement that it believes can undermine western society and values.

phlegmfatale said...

brilliantly stated.