Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Our fearless leader Gordon Brown has signed away Britain's right to use cluster bombs...a nasty but rather effective and needed weapon in our armoury.The excuse is as usual that innocents get killed by them(hmmmm...a dangerous business war, it seems) actuality its just another victory for the leftist NGO's that populate the international landscape. War is not something that should be entered into lightly....but when we do...we need to kill...yes lefties...kill our enemies as rapidly and efficiently as possible.The anti cluster bomb lobby points out the toll of civilians from the cluster bombs used in Lebanon in undeniable fact...rather negated however by the fact that the murderous Islamic hezbollah purposely fought behind civilians in the knowledge that casualties would result in worldwide opprobrium for Israel.....mission accomplished. I wonder if gordo bothered to ask our armed forces if they wished to give up our bombs?...probably not, as after all who in the nulabour party cares about our soldiers? Just think..soon the lefties can start work on stopping our soldiers using those nasty guns...they can kill people you know!


monkey said...

i have just finished watching John Rambo, a film that should be forcefully rammed down any lefties throat.

lets take away all our armoury and while we are at it bend over and offer our sphincters to mo.

Ted said...

Im not sure what either of your problems are with banning this weapon. Wherever these weapons are used kids and farmers for years afterward are maimed and killed. There are still people losing their lives in Vietnam 35 years after the war. You say that war is about killing people as "radidly" as possible. No proble with that. But does that include a kid five years later that interferes with an unexploded cluster bomb out of curiosity and gets blinded and loses his arms. The reality of cluster bombs.