Monday, 5 May 2008

Blue mooning.

In reference to my post on persecution of motorists this article caught my eye and raised a smile on my face.Just how many po faced sods are there in the world who just can't wait to interject their miserable worldview into any situation.Britain is fast becoming a nation of downtrodden browbeaten individuals spied on at every juncture...well at least the chap in the article has the right attitude.


Lin said...

After I got over the knee-jerk left-hand driver reaction, I couldn't help but laugh. Good on 'em!

monkey said...

Thud when did you get a beemer?

Putz said...

my other english friend akela, in the house of commons said the same things about his english countrymen, miserable, spied on, picked on, downtrodden, this a unfounded suspision you have or can i count on it?