Thursday, 1 May 2008

Forza Italia!

I have recently booked a trip to Italy for the guys who work for me as a thank you for the hard work they have put in over the last 2 years (like I need an excuse!). Italy is, outside of America my favourite place in the world and the only other place I have considered living.For me the mix of food,architecture,weather and general lifestyle is a magic combination that appeals so much more than life in an England paralysed by socialism and guilt.The fact that Berlusconi has just swept the remnants of communist and green politicians into obscurity is an added bonus...a welcome one though. The mayor of Rome has pledged to do what I think a politician should do...look after the people who voted for him...not pander to the usual raggletag of interest groups and disruptive activists.The Mayor is of course being accused of Fascism..big surprise! can't be right wing or conservative in Europe without attracting that label due to the past crimes of so called right wingers.The right wing of today in many cases has cast off the association with the national socialists and fascists of the past...the socialism bit is the clue...they where never really conservative parties to begin with just another manifestation of Europe's deathly love affair with socialism (Britains BNP being closet socialists and eco nazis). Berlusconi and his followers are of course disliked by many in the E.U but for me I enjoy his flamboyance...a little colour never did any harm and helps to view politicians as fellow citizens...not the corrupt grey faced individuals that seem to populate politics in Britain...what would Churchill have been without his silk pyjamas and champagne for breakfast!

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Tuscan Tony said...

Its a great place, thud; we too reckon to have a place here and a place probably in a sensible New England state (Maine? NH?) in a few years time, when schooling is finshed. Looking forward to it.

Hope your people enjoy Italy. If they're in Tuscany and wanting some tips on places to enjoy, let me know.