Thursday, 26 June 2008

Childs play

As family OTW ready for our summer trip to California I have been paying more attention to the presidential candidates as they seem poised to provide the best entertainment this summer outside of the release of the Dark Knight. Ralph Nader is playing his long running game of...'I'm more liberal than you''s a great game...anybody can play as the only rules are one must suffer from left wing dementia. Obambi it appears is playing up the race card and trying to use white guilt to his advantage.Now I'm not sure what this white guilt thing is as I don't seem to be afflicted by this curious condition in any way but it seems quite serious if it causes you to vote for a socialist racist fake. To all liberals out there I recommend voting for Ralph...he seems to feel guilty about everything so he must be a winner in the liberal guilt stakes...Go Ralph!


phlegmfatale said...

That Obama button is the best one yet-- very clever.

Putz said...

on the serious side, it is too bad none of these independants can win....nader has always been interesting to me as well as all the also rans,,,ron paul, mutt romney, now clinton, we have to pull our support with the winners i guess, so we can be a winner or not whiner...gordon brown

Sra. Scherzophrenic said...

I suggest we vote for his half brother, Mark. He seems to have his mind intact and not warped by identity politics.