Tuesday, 3 June 2008


I hate everything that the left wing metropolitan elite in Britain stand for but usually if I see an article by a libtard I just roll my eyes and move on.This article though has been just a tad too much for me to ignore...the sheer hatred that it evokes for millions of decent English people that have refused to toe the nulabour/communist line is just too much to ignore. The left in this country are led by a rich smug self appointed elite and the writer in question is amongst the worst example of leftist self satisfied hatemongers.This walking turd is one day I hope the recipient of some of the multicultural street justice that her and her ilk have sentenced the people of Britain to, but given her wealth she never has to mix with real people so no danger there then. Now she is crying that the left is dying...the British people have betrayed her and the rest of the champagne socialists.....I just hope that this is true and that the public has finally realised how this unelected elite has destroyed the nation we love in their lust for power and mania for Stalinist social engineering.The guardian writers and readers, along with the Beeb employees etc need to understand....the people of Britain decide on our future not you, even though you have tried to destroy the very institutions that guarantee our future...you are all traitors and as such deserve a traitors fate.....I think I'll have a choccie biscuit now!

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