Monday, 9 June 2008

Nulabour legacy

My father taught me from an early age to support the state of an ex soldier something about Israels struggles struck a chord in him and he in turn made me appreciate just how important to the west Israel is. At school whilst studying Israel in geography the Yom Kippur war broke out and I thought that perhaps Israel would cease to exist...with a group of friends I gleaned as much information from the scant news outlets of that pre internet time. Now after 10 years of nulabour and unbridled BBC bias it seems Britain is a hotbed of anti Israeli activity. Are we so in thrall to the radical left and islamo facists that we would betray and abandon an ally of the west?....are we to join with the fascist type regimes of the middle east who in concert with self loathing leftists would destroy the regions only democracy? Britain's elite has always had an arabist streak...Lawrence and all that dress wearing arab nonsense and now it finds new outlets as we support the poor oppressed Palestinians....listen achmed I have news for you...stop bombing Israel, join the democratic world and in no time it will be McDonalds and MTV for all. That would be too easy wouldn't it though....far more telegenic to fire rockets at Israeli civilians from schoolyards in the hope that Israeli retaliation will kill a couple of kids for the worlds press. I am ashamed at Britain's position...we should be supplying Israel with everything we can and helping to destroy the terrorists that threaten us all.


Bou said...

Whoa. I didn't know this. Wow.

Putz said...

once in a while i agree with you although at times it angers me that isreal doesn't recognize that palestinians need some breathing space also