Saturday, 19 July 2008

Bottom of the barrell

The filthy socialists that masquerade as a government in Britain are fighting an election in Glasgow at present.So bankrupt of both morals and policies are these traitors to the nation that they are reduced to traducing the record of a frail old women who last held power 18 years ago.If in full health and in power Lady Thatcher would make short shrift of these small mean minded people who comprise the nulabour party of today.The labour party of my early years no longer is now comprised of venal,grabbing pseudo communists who have betrayed everything the old labour party fought for.The nulabour party dances to the tune of its masters in Europe and its self serving union paymasters.The people of Glasgow deserve better but may vote yet again for those who will view them with contempt,using them only as stepping stones in the fleeting grab for power and enrichment.Nulabour and socialists in general needs to keep its voting base downtrodden and beholden to the party...for without its needy voters what is a socialist party...just bitter people snapping at their betters heels.


Hammer said...

To have a thatcher can only dream!

DirtCrashr said...

The way you describe them, they sound just like California Democrats!
I guess as Fellow Travelers they are related - related to the Thugee.