Thursday, 31 July 2008


I am back up in Napa to finish the job shown in above pic.The posts in the pic are to replace the old vine supports as Vinomaker extends the rows...or at least I think so as I'm purely the brawn on the job. The house hunting has produced an early result it seems,I did a quick drive past a house up in the Mayacamas mts and was immediately smitten. I am now in the process of arranging a viewing and also trying to calm down...I do get easily worked up over property.The property has land as well as garage and guest lots of room for serious improvement. I will keep looking at other properties as in these trying financial times new bargains are popping up rapidly, but this house does hit most of my wants....except for the high price!....maybe a concrete mixing session in the morning will calm me down!

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phlegmfatale said...

Lovely place.

You're like me- I'm bouncing off the walls when I am making an offer on a property. I hope you get your mountain place and at a greatly reduced rate.