Saturday, 16 August 2008


To escape the 100+ temps family OTW upped sticks and spent the day yesterday at Stinson beach. Although still warm the heat was greatly alleviated by the ever present Pacific fog...a phenomenon of great interest to we fog loving Brits. The beach was busy but still provided ample room for games and fun for the assembled lightly toasted Brits and also provided me with the opportunity to study more quirky Californian architecture...the above pic being a good example( plus vinodog2). I am still mulling over making an offer on the house I have viewed in Napa....despite Vinomakers disgust at the amount of trees...not much of a surprise in a redwood forest! Trying to visualise changes to the house already present on site has been an effort but with the liberal help of Amazon new and used I think I may have the first inklings of what is an offer may be in the making. As for the day at the can still burn through the assembled lobster red Brits found out...we have a lot to learn.


phlegmfatale said...

I hope it works out for the house you have your sights set on. It'll be great to watch the whole project take shape on your blog.

monkey said...

lightly toasted was an understatement!