Saturday, 2 August 2008

Easy to say

Well that's ok then...the murderous little swine in this article is sorry.....and he has an excuse...drugs....some surprise hey? It seems like saying sorry is supposed to help alleviate the suffering of any victims today of random off shoot of reality TV exposes perhaps? I'd prefer silence from the murderer and then death...hey...but that's me, call me old fashioned.As an aside I would like to know why the family of the victim seemed happy enough for her to jet off with her savage nemesis yet another great illegal addition to multi cultural Britain...not my daughter methinks...whoops old fashioned again I suppose, I'll just have to live the rest of my life as a happy relic.


bryan said...

A Brazilian Muslim?

I don't know how you term the girl in Britain, but with the tatoos, etc, definitely "white trash."

Add in illegal immigration and it just spells out everything that this girl could have done wrong, she did.

Flanders Fields said...

The biggest success communists have is in getting our own people to adopt the lifestyles which they (and their media) encourage. Exotic multiculturalism and an encouraged license uninhibited by responsibilty shatters many traditional dreams.

You have an interesting site, Thud. Enjoy the US and help it stay as the US.

monkey said...

i would agree in that the parents are to blame at this point in letting their 17 yeard old daughter go so far, isnt our society dangerous enough that they would let their dought go to Brazil?
Well their punishment will be in that they will probably never get their daughter back and that the boy is indeed very sorry.

Putz said...

cna't you tell that the boy is very can be sorry up to 77 times and still be off the hook can't you'//////////////??????

phlegmfatale said...

Hideous story.