Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Lets go to San Francisco.

I am taking visiting family into San Francisco in the morning to see the various sites and to do some holiday shopping. San Francisco is a beautiful city with amazing architectural in a stunning setting with the Pacific on one side and the wide bay on the other. I am sure that after visiting Union square,china town etc my guests will no doubt share my enthusiasm for the city (cooler weather too). I also would imagine that the site of countless bums,drunks,junkies and lunatics will leave lasting memories...not the ones the authorities would wish. I am constantly amazed at the amount of human detritus that has accumulated in the city centre....did the people of the city loose their minds?...just why would anybody tolerate such chaos on their streets? Liberalism when unrestrained by a more reasoned philosophy always seems to end up at such an impasse.Countless supposedly well meaning resolutions with no thought to cost or consequences is a hallmark of the typical liberal administration...the result being a city plagued by crime and a lowered quality of life for all....I just hope we don't step in something nasty.


Hammer said...

Cities that tolerate this stuff on the streets deserve the bad reputation they get. Either they need get these folks into some facility or use the China method.

Putz said...

san francisco zoo, not the derelicts downtown, but the sanfrancisco zoo

DirtCrashr said...

San Francisco is a Socialist City-State unto itself - it's a City AND a County of it's own, run by some very-very wealthy leftwing families who hire puppets to perform the main civic functions which are viewed as Theatrics and mere politics.
The anarchic values and embrace of endemic corruption go way back to the Gold Rush days, from the miles of whore-houises to inadvertent sailors getting "Shanghai'd" on the Barbary Coast - slipped a mickey and off to sea with them.
During Prohibition the crooked cops in San Francisco were proud and bragged that none of the Chicago or New York gangsters ever got across the Golden Gate and into the City - they were met at the docks and train-depots and beaten mercilessly by thugs and sent home, or killed - because San Francisco had it's own, famously independent set of corrupt judges, gangsters and city officials.
The current mayor is a good-looking idiot ner-do-well cokehead who got his job through his dad's friend billionaire Gordon Getty who is among those who run the political machine and winds the social-set mainspring - and for whom he undoubtedly has to preform certain favors.

haddock said...

I though people in San Francisco had 'flowers in their hair' .... not lice.

bryan said...


You hit the nail on the head.

When you value everything, when all morality is good, you value nothing and stand for nothing.

America's cities are controlled by the left and that is why most conservatives live in the burbs where some semblance of sanity still exists.