Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Sunshine in a bottle.

Over the weekend Family OTW along with monkey and 10 bellies ventured to Napa to help with the bottling of the 2006 vintage. Vinomaker had been up early doors and everything was ready for the grunts(us) to get stuck into pumping and bottling whilst various people seemed to wander in and out enjoying the atmosphere of intense labour coupled with the overpowering aroma of the various wines.The pic shows the cab sauvignon being pumped from the oak barrels into the container prior to bottling.The smell cannot simply be described...fruit,oak,flowers,leather and sunshine!...Napa in a bottle. The day ended with the weary labourers eating drinking and enjoying the perfect can't always be like this but just sometimes a day is just perfect in every way.....cheers!


Hammer said...

wine making is fascinating. I want to try it. I've brewed beer before but it's more cooking and waiting than anything.

monkey said...

i used the same picture,i get the aroma just looking at it. I miss Napa already

phlegmfatale said...

wow - looks like fun!