Saturday, 6 September 2008

All aboard!

The gravy train seems to really have pulled into the station for some people is a coincidence I'm sure that they are all muslim...with no inferences to be drawn by any nasty racists out there. Today's recipients of free money from self loathing cowardly Brits are...1.....2.....3......for me all are perfect examples of the degeneration of English life....these people are parasites...they take and never give,knowing the system is there to be played and play it they do.Mrs OTW is herself of a minority background and I have been trying to persuade her we should join in and take the cash whilst the going is good....only problem is though that according to her the only prejudice and discrimination she has suffered has come from me ....foiled again!


Black Sheep said...

Hi there
I'm always happy to say something bad about Muslims, so thanks for this fine opportunity. Not that I need urging but... Anyway, "self loathing cowardly Brits"... I read that a lot, actually, on Brit blogs, so it must be some sort of national malaise you have over there.

The self-loathing no doubt comes from the immense loss of self-esteem that recognition of cowardice within oneself does bring. I keep reading utter crap about how you (collectively) have such a polite society and us Americans are so rude and crude, but using us as an excuse to be craven just doesn't wash.

The reason the Muslims are wiping their dirty bottoms on Britain and you're letting them is because you caved in to them. You appeased them so they wouldn't terrorize you and you're still appeasing them and now that you see what cowardice has wrought you, the self-loathing has set in.

There are among you a lot of stalwart people who would see all those non-assimulating scum back to their filthy places of origin. Unfortunately not enough of you to win out at the polls and dominate your government.

This in turn is because your government has steadily gained more and more control over all of you, so that now England is more like a tyrannical kingdom of old than a democracy. You are all frightened to death of your government.

You take as a fact of life having to buy a license to watch the telly. You accept without question your governments ownership of your primary media sources, you must have a permit to park your car in front of your own home, you need permits to do just about anything, anywhere. Permission. Permission. Permission.

Something I saw in London that amazed me was a car getting a boot on a wheel and towed away for parking in the wrong place for perhaps 15 minutes. Here, you get a boot if your vehicle has been abandoned for days, parked in a fire truck zone. Not for being in front of a hotel for a few minutes. How incredibly oppressive that is.

You can't own firearms and blat on about "the high crime rate in America", when we here can kill those who invade our homes or attack us on the street and you get beaten, robbed, raped, murdered all the time, you're utterly helpless to defend yourselves and your police do little or nothing and generally are afraid to enter the areas where the offenders live.

Thud, take the money. While there's still an England to take it from.

monkey said...

Bloody hell that was a hell of a comment, but you speak the truth and the only real thing we have on you in the states is the NHS but even thats starting to buckle.
As we send down some muzzeres this week for terrorism it will be argued that it was our fault that they did this not that their holy book tells them too. But because we drove them to do it. This is England.