Monday, 22 September 2008

A glorious new future

The parallels between Britain's nulabour government and the regimes of Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia are many and sometimes shockingly realistic. This article shows that we now have moved from coincidence into the realms of outright emulation. Dystopian futures portrayed in literature and film such as soylent green and 1984 are always viewed by the chattering classes as futures ruled by right wing regimes when in fact the danger comes from the supposedly liberal left.Britain's government has in the last decade destroyed more rights and freedoms than any other previous governments added together...and now they want to control the end of ones life.Any member of this putrid government who suggested this euthanasia of a member of my family would be hurtling towards his or her maker before they could get through the first line of the red flag..nulabour totalitarian less.


Lord Roby said...

What a line! Intention is the essence of morality...Says it all really.All rednecks should OD now to avoid the misery of a whupping in the forthcoming Goodison Derby.

DirtCrashr said...

That is hideous - and the ugly old bag should tossed into an oven, or overboard in hurricane seas.