Thursday, 4 September 2008

Home sweet home?

As the plane returning us from California arrived in Manchester my beautiful baby daughter passed out...tired?....or did she pass out at the sight of all those grey rainclouds? decide. The drive home was made even more depressing by the number of traffic cops and omnipresent speed cameras,surveillance cameras etc.....just what has happened to us?....I hope sleep lightens my mood.


DirtCrashr said...

Somebody read 1984 and didn't realize it was cautionary fiction, and not an instruction manual? ;-)

Thud said... seems like they used it just as a rough outline....we are waaay past 1084 in some respects...who even 20 years ago would have ever believed England could fall so low so fast?

monkey said...

Its snowballing and its getting worse has they hand powers over to even more people, policing the state with idiots.

Big Brother is Watching!!!

Lord Roby said...

Just what is the collective noun for surveillance cameras.A 'Snout' perhaps.Anyone out there got any better suggestions?But beware if they are too contentious you might just get a knock on your computer back-door!!

Putz said...

when you were in manchester did you say hello to martina snowden, susan hyatt, june snowden, gladys barlow, joseph reynolds barlow, ida and may thomas??????????