Thursday, 9 October 2008

Listen or Leave!

The contract between the British people and its government seems to breaking down more everyday with the result being that we are moving into uncharted political waters.Articles like this just serve as reminders of just how far down the road to unreality life in Britain has become.I don't wish to rant about this particular incident as it is no different than hundreds of other insanities that courtesy of our govt seem to beset us.Can any reasonable individual upon reading the article believe that the spending of such huge amounts of taxpayers money in the current economic climate is in any way sensible or just?...should not an individual think.."to hell with it!...why bother? more tax paying" I'm sick of the madness and I fear for the future, as in the picture above,parliament needs to listen to the British people....there is lots to think about over the coming winter.

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Vinogirl said...

Absolutely disgusting.