Tuesday, 4 November 2008

D Day

Time to get out and vote folks...good luck!...with the chosen one on the brink of power we are all going to need it.
Update....The godless commie and his cohorts won...the fight back for the future of America and all right thinking folk starts today...it's your turn now Mr President elect to find out that talk is cheap and the world is not made up of tree hugging lovies...it's a hard and cruel world and I don't think a shallow divisive academic windbag is going to have an easy time...wonderful stuff.


Vinogirl said...


bryan said...

Well, he won : (

Wonder how much I have to cut back at work so I can move from the "have to share my wealth" to "I get your wealth for no good reason" category.

Viva socialism! Hell, maybe I will put a Chi sticker on my bumper so I blend in with my new fellow comrades!

phlegmfatale said...

it's all fucked up.