Saturday, 1 November 2008

Down to the wire.

I have avoided commenting recently on the American election because I have grown more and more disgusted by the day.To see a country I love have its future stolen by a politician that supports,condones and practises fraud both financial and electoral is just too much for me to stand. I have a large American family and I spend increasingly more time there myself,perhaps one day resulting in a full time presence so the thought of an obama and democrat dominated America fills me with sadness...the America I love is about to become more European....more sophisticated (allegedly)...more socialist. I have seen and lived through what apparently well meaning socialists can do to a feel the way I do about England now is not easy...a great sadness and a hatred of those who have brought this country to such a pass is a constant nagging refrain through all my future plans. I just hope that McCain and the dynamic Governor Palin can pull off a last minute victory....I love America for what it is and not for what obambi and his America haters wish it to become.


Trubes said...

Hello Thud:
I agree with all you say about Socialism but always considered that the Democrats, in the States, to be nearer to the 'middle ground' Conservatives, in the UK, than the left wing Labourites, in the UK.
The Republicans frighten me, they seem to be so right wing.
I don't know why Obamama plays the 'race card', as he's only half black or to bePC of mixed race
In my opinion, race and creed should be left out of politics, I believe, it is what one stands for not what one is!

Truth ,sincerity, honesty, leadership fairness and most of all humility always wins the day for me.

Sadly, there are not many politicians that possess the above qualities.
If there were the world would be Eutopia!

So there the word of you have it Thud, the words of the Trubeyone!


Thud said...

Trubes...although a conservative I'm probably rather to the right although the race connotations that the left saddle the right with are a non starter in my families for what you look for in politicians...I couldn't agree more.