Sunday, 7 December 2008

The thin blue line.

In a world beset by increasingly violent terrorist and criminal gangs, Britain has until recently had amongst its top ranks the likes of this individual. When faced by a terrorist outrage unfolding in our city centres or an attack by drug fuelled gang members would any member of the public feel in any way safe by the presence of such an effete troubled individual? I have no real feelings as to this mans sexuality other than a sense of intense annoyance as to him championing his sexual cause whilst supposedly doing a job (highly paid) in which sexuality is of minor relevance. I do mind that in the Britain of today such an obviously unsuitable individual could rise so high, a fact made even more worrying by him not being alone in his inability to perform his very important position. Is it any wonder that the police force of Britain is held in contempt by much of the public when many brave and dedicated officers are led by such politically correct senior officers?

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Putz said...

where is his automatic pistol/????????