Monday, 5 January 2009

Jack Frost

The temperature tonight is forecast to drop as low as -9 degrees, very cold for England although it probably counts as rather warm for some people who are reading this. It is a cliche I know, but sitting by warm open fire tonight with family after having eaten a good hearty meal is one of lifes simple pleasures and none the less for that. I still remember the ice on the inside of the windows when getting up for school in the morning, something I imagine not many people have to contend with here nowadays. Leaving for school to a landscape made magical by the stark black and white world of a heavy frost made the walk (no suv's then!) to school mean feat for a school hater such as myself....that love of snow,frost and ice has never left me.


JPT said...

To my mind, this winter so far is just an average winter of old.
I've been keeping weather records myself for nearly thirty years (since 1980 when I was just 17) and I'm going to check up on a few things and blog about it later!
I also remember frosted glass and a love of snow, ice and frost has never left me!

Lord Roby said...

-11 and 6 inches of snow on the way in to work this morning.Just the ticket!But my ears looked and felt like they had been in a fight after only 10 mins exposure.Global warming has got a lot to answer for!!

Vinogirl said...

My favourite type of weather :)