Wednesday, 14 January 2009

May Blitz.

I have passed this ruined and gutted building many times over the years and whilst knowing it was a solitary survivor of the blitz ,I had never really given it a second thought,in fact as a younger man I thought it just a pleasant place to sit with friends and watch the world go by untill older family members told me of the terror filled nights long ago.The news lately is full of accusations of Israeli bombing being targeted at civilians....the casualties in Liverpool in one week show just what happens when an air force really tries to kill civilians...even 60 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Now that's someplace I wish I could see. I love buildings like that. Lucky you Thudly!

John said...

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Vinogirl said...

Tooheys or Red Stripe?

Lord Roby said...

Ahhh...Viennas filled with corned beef,bottles o'schlitz and sunny days(??)...I seem to recall.I've come over all...'When I was a lad'-sick.St Lukes 19:79.

Thud said...

Large bottles of budovar and ice cold soave!