Monday, 19 January 2009

True Brit 20

As even the British press indulge in a orgy of Obama hero worship, I decided to pick a true hero to reflect upon....a hero of true stature and one with a local associations. Capt Johnnie Walker was the most successful British submarine hunter of the Battle of the Atlantic and gave his life and that of his son in the effort to keep this country free. The German submarine blockade of Britain caused the death of many thousands of seamen and brought Britain within weeks of starvation.....Johnnie walker in his unceasing efforts to defeat the German menace ensured that Britain was able to survive and fight until the growing might of America could be brought to bear against the German forces occupying Europe. In a time when the term hero is bandied about so freely that any minor sportsman or glib politician can be considered a hero it is worth reflecting upon the qualities of a man who was mourned upon his passing by all in the city of Liverpool.....he is not forgotten by the people of Liverpool to this day.


Anonymous said...

Thudly...I really like your True Brit posts. Seriously. You are an excellent British/American...and quite rare I would speculate.

JPT said...

Is today 'Barack Obama Day'?
And will it be a national holiday from now on?

monkey said...

Yes it will be marked as the day america gave itself away to Obamanation.