Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Burgers and fries.

I went with the kids for lunch at a drugstore (like the one pictured) down on main street today. It was a very enjoyable experience and one I fully intend to repeat every time I visit, as the once numerous drugstores seem to be disappearing into history. I understand the attraction of the ubiquitous McDonalds etc but I think people need to try and save these pieces of Americana...who cares if the burgers cost a bit more and you don't get a plastic toy! get a slice of American history...and a slice of pie!


Gallimaufry said...

Can you still get unlimited cawfee topped up by a waitress as well? And do they have chrome paper serviette and straw dispensers? Truly one of the great American inventions that ranks on a par with the English pub for its evocation of a society.

Thud said...

Everything as described by you is available...great stuff!

Vinogirl said...

I hope places like that stay with us always.