Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Vikings are us.

When looking around the Napa valley I love the rural nature of the area with its plentiful wildlife that when combined with the proximity of services and shops makes it such an attractive area to live. The difference in the light and landscape make it so different than home, that the thought of living there fills me with a sense of excitement and wonder. There is one thing however that I miss(besides my local Chinese chippy) and that is the sense of history that pervades everywhere in England. I know Napa has history...how could it not?...but it does not connect with me in any real sense. The picture above shows Viking hogsback graves found near my home on The Wirral....a new example of which turned up recently in a local garden! this touchable history is something I love and does give me some pause for thought when I consider leaving it behind one day....but new adventures beckon.


Trubes said...

How interesting...Just been reading about the Wirral, I feel homesick again Thud.
Good luck with the house hunting and I hope all are well.

P.S. Baby Christian now weighs 6lbs.

BobG said...

There is plenty of history in America, but a lot of it was stuff that did not survive the march of time. Here in the middle and southwestern US there are a lot of relics of the aboriginal tribes that lived here from ancient times until the present. You might enjoy a trip to the southwest to look at old ruins sometime.

Vinogirl said...

800's AD...now that's history!

Pensby Guy said...

Isn't that the one at the church in West Kirkby?