Tuesday, 10 March 2009


As the world slips further into strife...this news from home.....I'd laugh if it wasn't so indicative of a serious malaise running rife in Britain. I notice that the individual in question volunteered to patrol the streets of a muslim area to reassure residents after the muslim perpetrated atrocities in London. Perhaps this chap has his own agenda?...he would not be the first.


JPT said...

Who could take a man with a beard like that seriously?
There must have been much laughter when he was out on the beat (if he ever was).
He's just playing the race card now.

monkey said...

It will be WPC in Burkas next.

xoggoth said...

Has to be stupidest looking beard ever.

Vinogirl said...

Nice muppet pic!

Gallimaufry said...

Anyone else think of that Laurel and Hardy film where Stan sticks the glue brush on Ollie's chin and on finding that it's immovable, trims the bristles into a beard like Gregory Peck's in Moby Dick.
And binbags can be worn by women police:
Always reminds me of flash gear in classic naval films.