Saturday, 14 March 2009

Spring is in the air.

Vinogirl and Grandmother OTW spent yesterday in Napa pruning the vines after their winter rest,spring is definitely here and the vineyards are coming alive with the promise of the explosive growth to come. I spent the day messing about in the sun on the pooter,looking at various houses here abouts that I am interested in,whilst all the time thinking of returning to England next week. The thought of stepping back into the colder weather of late winter is not something I'm happy about but the arrival of the latest family OTW member in a few weeks time is all that really matters....spring will then be truly sprung!


JPT said...

Spring is in the air over here at the moment too (Wales), it's 10c - but it's grey and the wind is bloody cold!

electro-kevin said...

Indeed spring is in the air today. I even took my woolly hat off.