Thursday, 26 March 2009

True Brit 21

As a rule I don't have much time for sportsmen of any type and I must admit that footballers in particular draw a fair amount of my scorn.Sir Tom Finney is however one footballer who can only inspire admiration in anybody who takes the time to read about him or watch any old film of him playing.In his long career he stayed faithful to his local club and played for wages our modern day metrosexual stars would not even recognise as money.A married man Sir Tom was never heard to swear nor take a drink....a far cry from the drunken retards that currently populate our sad excuses for teams on Saturday afternoon(LFC excepted!) I wish the players of today could be a little more Sir Tom and less Lady muck.


rob said...
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rob said...

He reminds me of some Italian footballers of the recent past few decades, such as Giacinto Facchetti (Inter Milan FC) and Dino Zoff (Juventus FC), both famous for their fair play and sporting spirit, as well as for their pure football talent.

The late lamented Giacinto Facchetti, for instance, was sent off only once (for sarcastically applauding the referee …). Such great sportsmen will always be remembered as gentlemen on the pitch.