Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Seconds out,round 1.

Articles like this really appeal to my sense of humour and justice,it's just a pity that it doesn't happen more often. You only have to look at the two gentlemen in question to see that one is a man and the other is....well, metrosexual is I suppose the contemporary description but in my youth, nancy boy,fairy ,puff would have been applicable,in fact they still are.
(pic shown above is of Liverpool legend Dom Volante)


monkey said...

i read that it was great, i was just waiting to read the bit where the old gent got locked up for smacking him one. i never got to it, there must be justice after all.

idle said...

Excellent. But I am always slightly wary when reading these stories that a friend of the nancyboy might have a go at Frank in some cowardly fashion, for 'revenge'.

Vinogirl said...

Please don't start being politically correct NOW, you'll confuse your poor sister!!!