Thursday, 13 August 2009

Les Paul

The maker of for me the greatest electric guitar,Les Paul died today. I have not only loved countless songs recorded with this great instrument but enjoyed the joy and pride that comes with owning several of them. Plugged into my old AC30 or mesa boogie it would hold a note forever....a plank to spank indeed.


Black Sheep said...

Hey there, thanks for the visit. Les Paul died today? I'm sure glad he gave us all that great music before he did, he was a fantastic musician. He invented electric guitar music, you know. I first heard his stuff in the '40s when I was a kid, he and Mary Ford teamed up and really belted it out.

I probably don't have all his music but I have all the best of it, at least. To this day, no one ever matched up to him, imho.

I think your Les Paul guitar was made by Gibson, by the way.

Vinogirl said...

Les Paul, great inspiration for any guitar manufacturer...I hope he's up there riffing with the angels.

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

jeez!.. yer not a string plucker as well are you?....Yeah shame about the ol' fellah going. He gave the world Pete Townshend and the 'orrible oo', so he's got my eternal thanks.