Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Onwards and upwards.

It seems Tony Blair has bigger concerns to deal with nowadays other than the Britain he has bequeathed to us mere ordinary folk. Mass murderers,billionaires,dictators, all are grist for Tony's mill with no concern for the mundane world of British politics he left behind.Just how did we deserve such a spineless venal chancer like Blair? he has much to answer for. It would be easy to disengage from the seedy realm of politics in Britain and I think that our politicians would prefer that we little people would...after all who are we to question our is going to be time soon enough to tell them and we all need to make our displeasure felt.


Scrobs... said...

Oh, absolutely Thudders, and this is just the beginning of an absolutely appalling nine month period before they are kicked into oblivion for ever.

Anonymous said...

Huh...always thought he was kind of a hard liner on all-things-islamo-fascist. Guess I was wrong - this is disappointing. -aka 'candle'

Putz said...

I WISH I KNEW MORE ABOUT YOUR gordon brown.... i knew more about your queen and di and charles than i ever knew about your brown